Recently, there is a problem in knowing that the Android phone is very damaging to the battery while playing, but the Apple phone is not easy to damage the battery. Is it because iOS system optimization is good? And the Android system does not control the battery charge and discharge? Actually, it is not.

The reason is that the iPhone has adopted the 5V/1A “turtle speed” charger from the first generation to the present, which is also called the “5W” charging head. Android phones have popularized 5V/2A fast charge (10W) three years ago, and some mobile phones have reached 50W this year.

For example, OPPO SuperVOOC’s 50W super fast charge, Vivo’s 44W super fast charge, Huawei’s 40W super fast charge. Even Xiaomi 9 has achieved 20W “wireless fast charging”, and its wireless charging efficiency is four times that of iPhone XS MAX wired charging.

Therefore, the charging efficiency of the Android mobile phone is extremely high, and the charging power is also extremely large. If the “playing while charging” will cause the battery load to be aggravated, and even cause slight deformation (drums). The Apple mobile phone, whether it is the iPhone XS series or the XR series, is a 5W slow charge, and the input current continues to maintain a constant current and low power state, so “playing while playing” has little effect on battery life.