According to new data from Sensor Tower, which focused on app trends in the last quarter of 2019, US consumers showed great interest in Disney’s new family-friendly streaming service, Disney +, and app trends in the last quarter of 2019. Focused on. The company has downloaded more than 30 million times in the fourth quarter of 2019,more than double the next closest competitor, TikTok. This total download counted in both the Apple App Store and Google Play, with the App Store exceeding 18 million of Disney + downloads, and Google Play exceeding 12 million. This allowed the new streaming app to be not only the most downloaded app in the whole quarter but also the most downloaded app on the App Store and Google Play. In the App Store, Disney + beat YouTube and TikTok to number one after YouTube has been number one in the last four quarters. Since Facebook Messenger returned in 2017, no app has exceeded 10 million US app downloads on Google Play in the quarter, so the app has set a notable milestone on Google Play.

In terms of revenue, Disney + earned more than $ 50 million in its first 30 days, surpassing other SOD (S On-Demand) rivals like HBO NOW and Showtime. In December, Disney + also generated more US income than HBO NOW saw in its best month.

In the fourth quarter, Disney + accounted for 16% of all SVOD revenue in the United States. It was an amazing achievement when it started in mid-November. Also in December, the app was able to reach 71% of Netflix’s maximum revenue.

Also, 30 million US installations of Disney + were more than both Hulu and Amazon Prime Video in 2019.

The app immediately accounted for 34% of fourth-quarter SVOD downloads at launch, but Sensor Tower found that in the fourth quarter of 2019, downloads of other SVOD apps increased by 12.5% quarterly and 4.7% year-on-year. This may indicate that Disney + is expanding its market without encroaching on other apps in the streaming market.

Disney’s brand is strong, but Disney + benefits from the time of launch. Unlike Netflix, which has to move steadily in the US streaming market, consumers are now ready to use the new streaming app. New apps that allow people to spend more time on entertainment apps and games were released on the eve of the holiday season. In addition, Disney + offers several free launches (Public: TC Parents), including several promotional releases that will install help push Verizon, Google and another Chromebook owner offer three free months and a discount of Disney +, ESPN + and Hulu Bundle $ 12.99 / month

In the second month since its launch, the sensor tower reached a total of 44 million installations in app stores and Google Play around the world, with consumer spending of about $ 92.2 million.

The app’s sales figures are still strong and generated $ 43.9 in two months after hitting $ 533 million in the first 30 days. (Including imports from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Netherlands).