Disney + also lowers its image quality to save bandwidth

Disney + will also lower its streaming resolution in Europe. The service wants to reduce its bandwidth consumption by at least 25 percent. This at the request of the European Commission and following YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Due to the many consumers currently voluntarily or forced to stay at home because of the corona virus, there is much more demand for video streaming services, among others. This is noticed by the providers and internet providers.

Disney does mention in its announcement that quality will be lowered in “the markets where it will start on March 24”, namely the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. Disney + is already available in the Netherlands, which, strictly speaking, based on Disney’s formulation, would mean that streaming quality is not lowered here, but it would not make sense to exclude the Netherlands. Tweakers has contacted Disney and asked for confirmation of measures in the Netherlands.

It is not clear how ‘hard’ the measure will be. With YouTube, for example, videos are loaded as standard in 480p, but for those who manually increase the quality, a 4k stream can still be served. With Amazon Prime you can get a 4k image, but simply with a lower bitrate. With Netflix, the quality adjustment cannot be circumvented. The measures are at the request of European Commissioner Thierry Breton.

Firing a tour , KPN and Vodafone Ziggo announced a few days ago that they did see that the networks are much busier than usual, but that there is still more than enough capacity to handle this extra load.

The introduction of Disney + has also been delayed by two weeks in France. There has been a request from the French government for that postponement. The service will now be launched there from April 7.

Apple TV + also took this measure on Friday .