Degraded Performance of Older iPhones… Apple agrees on $ 500 million class action lawsuit

Apple agreed to pay up to $ 500 million (approximately 590 billion won) in a lawsuit over allegations that Apple deliberately slowed down the old iPhone, a major foreign report reported on Wednesday.

According to reports, Apple tentatively agreed to pay $ 25 per person to file a class action lawsuit. The agreement must be approved by the San Jose, California, District Court.

▲ iPhone 6 series running on iOS 10.2.1 or later ▲ iPhone 6S series ▲ iPhone 7 series ▲ US users who own iPhone SE and US users who own iPhone 7 series with iOS 11.2 or later installed before December 21, 2017 Is the target of this payment.

In 2017, consumers have argued that their old iPhones have been slowing down after installing iOS updates. Apple has since issued an apology statement and has reduced the cost of replacing batteries from $ 79 to $ 29.

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