Dark Sides Genesis, Final Preview video released, Diablo-like Dark Sides

After DarkCiders 3, the sequel to DarkCiders IP was decided to go to the story of the past, not to the fourth, with new changes coming together.

Darksides Genesis will play one of the four riders dealing with dual pistols, the War of Stripes and one of the Darksiders.

The Dark Sides Genesis deals with the story of the past before the first episode, and the cool action and the air combo of the existing Dark Sides series have been applied to the quarter view, resulting in a game with both quarter view style and 3D action game style. .

This video is a final preview video that shows the overall system feel and gameplay.

DarkCiders Genesis will be elected on December 5th at PC and Google Stadia and will be available on February 14th, 2020 as PS4, XBOX ONE and Nintendo Switch.