Counter-Strike v1.6 is now available for download via the browser. No need to install the game.

Counter-Strike, the most popular FPS game in the period that made internet cafes in Thailand very popular. And now version 1.6 is available for playing on the web browser without having to install the game.

For playing on this web browser, some files will be installed to extract the image onto the computer first. (Download every time you play), so take a while to load before playing.

To enter the game We can log in to collect various statistics. And can name our character As well as choosing a room to play or you can choose Fast Game for random access. As for the direction And playing still using the same button.

Those who miss the olden days Day sitting but in the game shop all day and night Missing old graphics Missing the United defense that has been wrongly read for a long time, you can play Counter-Strike v1.6 at