Although the jailbreak is declining, there are still some users who insist on cracking for the purpose of personalizing their mobile phones, so that they can bypass the App Store and install third-party applications freely.

However, in the view of Apple CEO Cook, the behavior of sideloading third-party apps is very dangerous, especially to damage the system’s privacy and security protection.

In fact, it is not only a jailbreak. According to the words of “Fortnite” developer Epic Games, they believe that the existence of the App Store violates the user’s right to freely download and install programs. Of course, the reason for such controversy is that Epic was removed from the store because of its dissatisfaction with Apple, and the lawsuit between the two parties is not over yet.

According to Cook, the official version of iOS 14.5, which integrates Apple’s transparent privacy protection feature, will be pushed this month. At present, the App Store has begun to reject apps that do not comply with this requirement from being launched or updated.