By the way, it is clear that the Galaxy S20 (series) is equipped with a slightly interesting “hidden function” this time.

According to XDA, the Galaxy S20 display was found to have a “hidden command” that sets the screen refresh rate to 96Hz .

When you type “dumpsys display,” with the ABD command, the following screen appears. By changing Settings.System.peak_refresh_rate and Settings.System.min_refresh_rate to 96.0, 96Hz display will be possible.

In addition, if you install an app developed by volunteers of XDA, you will be able to select the following refresh rate.

As you know, the Galaxy S20 series displays support a refresh rate of 120Hz, but are set to 60Hz by default. 96Hz is just in the middle of this, but it is unknown why this is 96Hz instead of 90Hz.

At this time, there seems to be no problem with this refresh rate.

However, there are few reports of changes in operation or changes in battery life compared to 60Hz or 120Hz, so it is unknown at this time what benefits exist.

It seems to be a very easy procedure if you can use ADB commands, but there are risks beyond using ADB commands, so please take responsibility at your own risk .