Chrome will soon block intrusive ads in YouTube videos

Chrome continues to fight intrusive ads. In a blog post, the browser made in Google announced that three types of ads would soon be natively blocked on videos, including YouTube content.

The Coalition for Better Ads organization surveyed 45,000 Internet users from eight different countries to understand which ad formats were the most disturbing on videos under eight minutes. Google relied on this report to make its verdict.

Three types of advertising are targeted

As of August 5, 2020, Chrome will therefore block the three types of advertising designated as the most intrusive by users on short videos. The pop-ups that appear above the video, the advertisements at the start of the video of more than 30 seconds (which it is impossible to pass after five seconds), as well as those that interrupt the playback, are in the viewfinder of the Navigator.

If it is already possible to block this content with an ad blocker, Google recalls that they also attack ” good ” advertising. The Mountain View company hopes to make the user experience more enjoyable, while offering them creative advertisements. She also recalls that YouTube will not be spared from this measure:

It is important to note that, like other websites with video content, will be reviewed for compliance with standards. As with previous Better Ads standards, we will update our product plans on all advertising platforms, including YouTube, and leverage research to guide product development in the future . ”

In the logic of things

This decision is not so surprising on the part of the firm, which is blocking more and more advertisements deemed unpleasant by Internet users. Last July for example, she said that she was going to tackle advertisements that were too ” resource-hungry “.

Chrome therefore invites owners of advertising sites to visit the Google Ad Experience Report , a tool that will allow you to find out if the browser has identified intrusive advertising content. Information for publishers and developers will also be added.

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