Chrome on Android: biometric identification arrives for payments

Google strengthens the security of payments via Chrome for Android , thanks to biometric authentication.

The web browser will thus ask the user to place his finger on the biometric sensor of his smartphone to validate a transaction.

Google optimizes payment security on Chrome
Recently, Google announced to update its Chrome browser for Android, in particular by optimizing the ” Autofill” (automatic filling) function when it comes to entering bank details.

In this way, the user will no longer have to systematically enter the three digits (CVV) located on the back of his bank card to validate a payment, since the operation can be automated via the biometric data stored in the smartphone.

“Google Chrome uses the W3C WebAuthn standard to securely register for biometric authentication. This way, biometric information never leaves your device, ” explains Google.

This feature, already available on Windows and Mac, should arrive on Chrome for Android ” in the coming weeks” .

This new biometric payment validation option complements the other announcement made by Google recently concerning its password completion function: Touch to Fill .