Chrome is going to block http downloads from https sites

Google will implement in phases that Chrome no longer accepts mixed content downloads. These are downloads that the user starts from an https site but do not themselves go through an encrypted connection.

Google blocks such downloads because users do not know would have the risks to privacy and security. Chrome does not give a notification when downloading via an HTTP connection from a site that is opened via https itself. From Chrome 82, which appears in June, the company starts with this type of warning. The browser starts with the notifications when downloading high-risk files such as executables.

From Chrome 83, the browser completely blocks the retrieval of these types of files via HTTP. With Chrome 84 and 85, which successively come out in August and September, Google prevents Chrome from downloading archive files and documents respectively. And with the arrival of Chrome 86, scheduled for October, the browser no longer accepts the downloading of mixed content.

The aforementioned updates are about desktop releases. The Chrome versions for Android and iOS always follow a release later, and that’s where Google starts warning in Chrome 83. According to the company, mobile users are already better protected against malware and developers can prepare in time for the later release.

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