Chrome extension available in Safari browser using new tools from Apple

Apple is performing more upgrades on all operating systems and applications. Everything is to prevent loss of users and attract more users to the platform. We also made some changes in our own in-house browser Safari through all updates. The upgrade includes fast web page loading and improved privacy configuration.

The new Web Extensions API is more exciting than all of these features. This allows Safari browsers to support more plugins and extensions if you use Safari as your default browser.

There are some differences in extensions seen in browsers like Safari with Chrome. This extension can be programmed using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. However, it is also easy to convert the extension to Safari compatibility mode. Apple offers a converter app that converts extensions in Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers. Users can also find and download new web-based websites through the App Store.

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After all, Apple offers some security precautions before enabling some extensions in your browser. Some extensions or plugins ask for multiple permissions before running. In addition, Apple notifies users multiple times about dangerous plugins before granting permission. In addition to that, you can also disable extensions from working on your website or active tab. Along with this, you can also decide how long the extension will run per day.

In the past few years, extensions have been too weak in the Safari browser. This has reduced the number of large Safari users. But the changing changes are giving hope. Apple regains browser popularity.