Google yesterday (January 30) released the official version of the Chrome 72 browser, covering Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS platforms.
The Chrome 72 browser on Windows, Mac and Linux updates the new Settings menu, including Web authentication API improvements, and also optimizes software stability, especially for crashes and retreats caused by three-party software/plugins. At the same time, the setting interface “automatic filling form” is separately formed into zones, and chrome://cast is removed to discover new streaming device functions.

In addition, the official version of Chrome 72 also solved the main problem that caused browser crash: code injection. Previously, the only way for third-party apps and Chrome browsers to provide users with additional functionality was to inject code into the browser, but these apps accounted for 15% of all browser crashes. In Chrome 72, Google completely banned code injection in this way, related third-party applications will not work properly, and the probability of Chrome browser crashes is greatly reduced.

One change to the Android version of Chrome 72 is that the media files in the notification bar no longer display specific content. The iOS version brings the following changes: Support for more search engines, Siri shortcuts for quick searches, and fixes for flashbacks on certain translation pages.