China Mobile Released 2018 best video shooting mobile: iPhone XS Max wins

In recent years, short video has developed rapidly, and mobile phones have become the main tool for short video shooting. In the past, the mainstream mobile phone evaluation was mainly aimed at taking pictures, but there was not much ink on the video performance, and users could not intuitively know which mobile phones had better video shooting performance.

Today, China Mobile Terminal Lab released the 2018 Intelligent Hardware Quality Report (Phase II), a mobile video test. According to the market sales volume and product popularity, 17 mobile phone terminals with 3 positions are selected , and the shooting scenes of different mobile phones are taken from the six shooting scenes of anti-shake, night scene, smooth light, backlight, high dynamics and moiré. The differences in clarity, fluency, stability, exposure level, color reproduction, etc. , provide an important reference and basis for users to choose mobile phones.

From the evaluation results, the model of RS 30,000 or more , iPhone XS Max into the best model for video shooting, received a five-star evaluation . Its advantages include: high definition, smooth and smooth, natural color reproduction, slightly warm yellow, strong moiré elimination ability; the disadvantage is that the anti-shake is slightly focused under running conditions.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro, one plus 6T won four and a half stars. The disadvantage of the former is that the backlight is not stable enough, and the color rendering during the day is to be optimized; while the latter is insufficient for the focus stability and moiré elimination of the night scene.

Vivo X23, Xiaomi MIX 3, Samsung Note 9, and OPPO R17 Pro are all four stars.

For RS-15,000 – 30,000 , OPPO R15 won the championship , won the four-star ;

RS-15,000  below the model, Xiaomi 8 youth version ranked first , evaluation Samsung half.