Bye bye, Google Google+ officially closed

As early as October last year, Google announced that it would close its Google+ social network. US time is in effect on April 2nd. If you try to access Google+, you will receive a notice stating that it “is no longer applicable to consumer (personal) and brand accounts.”

The company said it will remove user content on Google+ social networks in the coming months. At the same time, you can download all the content created by Google for free.

Although Google+ social networking has never been popular, Google decided to eventually shut it down after accidentally leaking hundreds of thousands of Google+ users’ private data. The problem arises from API flaws, which allows developers to access private information such as contacts and the private information of anyone who contacts you. But after that, Google consciously decided not to notify users that the problem occurred between 2015 and early 2018.

In December last year, Google+ had another data breach, which affected millions of users, not hundreds of thousands of users. This led Google to speed up the closing schedule and set the Google+ end of life date to April 2.

As promised, Google+ for G Suite still provides support as a means of communicating within the organization.

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