Battleground (Bag), live server check .. Team Deathmatch bug fixed

Pub magazine’s online battle royale game ‘Battleground’ will conduct a live server check.

The server check is scheduled for 9:30 am to 1:30 pm on the 26th, and the checks include service stabilization and bug fixes.

Improvements to the official cafe include a fixed awkward output of some UI content when the language setting is Turkish in Team Deathmatch, intermittent respawn after death in Team Deathmatch, and abnormal animation when using painkillers. Fixed an issue where the ‘Winter Windbreaker’ costume was displayed as a different costume skin.

Also, while the world map is turned off during the game, the marker and waypoints are not removed by the delete key. Fixed a bug in which waypoints were created even with a single click.

Game service is not available during the check, and after the patch is complete, Steam must update the game.

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