ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2 will use Sony IMX486 sensor.

Photographing is a relatively weak part of the ASUS monster ZenFone Max Pro. In the upcoming M2, ASUS uses a new generation sony IMX486 photosensitive lens , with f/1.8 large aperture and three-axis EIS to enhance this camera performance

Asus ZenFone Max Pro M2 is expected to be officially released in India on December 11th. Asus is slowly warming up the new mobile. Earlier, there was an official post explaining that the M2 will use the Sony IMX486 sensor as the main camera core. In addition to the f/1.8 large aperture, the 12 Megapixel camera also provide a three-axis EIS electronic anti-shake function to enhance the camera performance under low light conditions. The Sony IMX486 is a photosensitive sensor introduced in the first half of 2018. There are also a number of mobile phones on the market, including the game mobile phone black shark, Mi redmi Note5, Mi A2, etc., all using the same photosensitive sensor.

Camera hardware is inevitable with the new era of mobile phones, but it is more curious that the current ASUS official did not mention whether the ZenFone Max Pro M2 will introduce the AI shooting function that ZF5 started to carry.