Apple’s new Mac Pro breaks down

Apple’s recent breakdown of the new Mac Pro shows that self-repair is very easy.

According to a disassembly report released by iFixit, an IT device disassembly site, the Mac Pro has a modular design that can be easily repaired by the average user.

ImageSource: iFixIt

IFitsuit said, “Basic repair and upgrades can be easily done without general tools, and even if a tool is needed, most of them can be repaired or upgraded using a Phillips screwdriver.”

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are modular, but Apple’s custom-made ones will be hard to replace.

The new Mac Pro, on the other hand, features a graphics architecture with up to 28-core workstation-class Xeon processors, a 1.5TB high-performance memory system, eight PCIe expansion slots and the world’s most powerful graphics card.

The new Mac Pro starts at $ 5999 for the base model.

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