Apple will donate 2 million industrial masks to US health officials to cope with COVID-19.

Saturday, March 21, US Vice President Mike Pence revealed that Apple will donate 2 million industrial masks for health workers in areas heavily affected by the new coronary virus. And added that this is another story of a great American industry. President and I personally heard this from Apple directly, who will donate 2 million industrial masks to try to deal with the virus nationwide and Apple is working with the president’s administration to spread the mask to authorities

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about donations via tweets the same day. Apple is currently working to help provide healthcare equipment to combat the COVID-19, which is donating millions of masks to health professionals in the United States. And Europe for every hero on the battlefield with COVID-19.

While the corona virus spread rapidly throughout the world. Causing many countries to have measures to prevent the spread of infection by shutting down industries, companies, stores, cinemas, gathering in religious place.

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