Apple unveiled a new emoji that will be ready for use on the iPhone later this year

To celebrate World Emoji Day, Apple unveiled a new emoji that will complement various popular categories such as animal food, activities and faces in various ways. The new emoji will come in a new design. Add more variety options along with fun and exciting. Which will be ready for use at the end of this year


Important updates for hand-held emojis which is generally used as a symbol for couples and relationships Is that the user will be able to choose more skin colours from the sex selection, with more than 75 styles to choose from

Due to Apple’s proposal presented to the Unicode Consortium last year in introducing emoji in a more diverse disability theme. New emoji, guide dogs, ears with hearing aids, wheelchairs, artificial arms and prosthetics will be added to choose from. Which promotes many different forms It is an important part of Apple’s core beliefs and these new options help fill the gaps in emoji options. Different types of emojis have been updated with exciting new emojis. Whether it is a face shape while yawning One-piece swimsuit.New food such as waffles, falafel, butter and garlic. Including new animals such as sloths, flamingos, orangutans and skangs59 new emojis will be available later this year through free software updates on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Thousands of emojis are currently available. includeFaces that show various emotions Gender-neutral character Diverse occupations Clothing and wear, animal food, mythical creatures and many more. These new emojis have been created from characters approved in Unicode 12.0.