Apple to explore possibility of launching its own satellites within five years

Apple was working on the deployment of communication satellites. Such a device could allow it to create its own data transmission network.A secret space project. This could be the starting point for a James Bond scenario, but it is rather Apple’s ambitions that are discussed here. According to Bloomberg and the very well-informed journalist Mark Gurman, Cupertino is building teams and recruiting around a space adventure. No question of colonizing Mars but of sending home communication satellites in order to make a mesh (one more!) Around our good old Earth.According to sources of Mr. Gurman who obviously wished to remain anonymous, this project has recently been set up and can quite be abandoned. However, it seems that Tim Cook is particularly interested in this new area of development, making this project one of the priorities among the many other research projects carried out by Cupertino.

Aerospace, satellite and antenna design engineers are said to have arrived at Apple two years ago and to be brought together in a department whose task would be to find new ways to send information and data directly to owners Apple devices. Members of the team would include alumni from the satellite division at Google and members of Aerospace Corporation, a US federal R&D structure for space science and engineering.The goal of the apple company would be to get straight into data beaming ( teleportation of data in French). This process – reserved for professionals – aims to pass data between two points, at very high speed, with incredible precision and, better still, it is possible to resize the bit rates and the amount of exchange, on demand, according to needs.Thanks to this transmission process, Apple could create entire networks of interconnected devices, which would boost – for example – geolocation , without having to use a third-party infrastructure (telecoms operators or networks). Cupertino would also have the possibility of creating its own data transmission format (voice, text , image, music) and could become, in its own way, a data provider.We can finally imagine that such a communication structure could be entirely beneficial to fleets of hyper-connected autonomous vehicles.

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