Apple sends a pop-up window to users: choose a new iPhone today!

This year, Apple launched three new iPhones in one breath. Before the release, these three new iPhones were favored by many people, and they believed that they would create another peak in sales and drive Apple’s stock price to rise again. After the release, this argument is still the mainstream. But as time went on, gradually everyone found something wrong. The price of the new iPhone, which was first used by third-party channels, quickly broke and continued to fall.

Then the supply chain also reported that the demand for the new iPhone was greatly reduced, resulting in heavy losses. Even Apple announced that it will not announce the sales of the new iPhone.

At the same time, the joint operators in Japan, the United States and other places have opened a wave of official price cuts, as well as various preferential activities, and even sent mobile phones directly. A recent report by market research firm Mixpanel shows that the adoption rate of Apple’s iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR released this year is significantly lower than last year’s model. All kinds of news shows that Appleā€™s new iPhone sales this year are not working, and consumers are not buying it!

Now, Apple can no longer sit still and start the action of saving new iPhone sales. Recently, some users have received inexplicable pop-up advertisements. These advertisements are not issued by other manufacturers. It is Apple’s own.

The content of the advertisement is very direct: “Your new iPhone is ready, choose iPhoneXR or iPhoneXS today, and join the iPhone upgrade plan.” Not only that, but Apple also introduced the new A12 processor and the second on the new iPhone. Data and convenience features on behalf of Face ID.

The users who received these advertisements are basically using some of Apple’s old iPhone models, such as iPhone6S, iPhone7, iPhone8 series, iPhoneX and so on. In general, every time a new machine is released, Apple does banner promotion on the Apple store.

But such pop-ups and in-depth promotion of the application summary interface have never been seen before. The only reason Apple has done this is only one, trying to save the sales of the three new iPhones.11 years,

However, it is still too early to draw conclusions. After all, the factors that are not good for new iPhone sales this year and Apple’s toothpaste and high price , which can be solved.