Apple Safari blocks all third-party cookies by default after update

Apple has made an update to Safari that makes the Internet browser easy for users to block all third-party cookies. This update is available for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

John Wilander, the WebKit developer behind the new feature, writes that blocking all third-party cookies is the result of a new update to Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention. He argues that users may not experience this update as a major change, since quite a few restrictions have been added since the introduction of Intelligent Tracking Prevention in 2017.

According to him , the update is a “significant improvement to user privacy as no more exceptions are made now. Blocking cookies for cross-site resources is now enabled by default in Safari.

Wilander says that only the Tor browser was previously blocking third-party cookies, describing that the Brave browser is now at about the same level as well, though there are a few exceptions to this browser, he says. Google has already indicated that it wants to remove third-party cookies from Chrome , but that will only happen in 2022. Chrome users can already do this manually, via a toggle in the settings.

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