According to quoted sources in the Wall Street Journal , Apple has recently re-produced the old iPhone X through the foundry, which is expected to increase the sales of iPhone models equipped with OLED display panels.

According to relevant sources, since Apple had previously signed a contract with Samsung’s Samsung Display, it must purchase a certain number of OLED panels from Samsung Display. However, due to the increase in the price of the iPhone XS series this year, many users turned to the iPhone XR equipped with LCD panels. The relatively small sales of the iPhone XS series models have made it necessary for Apple to resume production of the iPhone X, which also carries OLED panels, in order to fill the purchases.

When the iPhone XS series and the iPhone XR were previously introduced, Apple said that the official website has removed the iPhone X, the market will still maintain the existing inventory of the iPhone X. Perhaps the iPhone X will remain in the market for some time.

Prior to this, Apple also provided old models for specific market demand, thereby increasing overall sales performance, as well as clearing the inventory of used parts.