Apple removes Instagram stalking app Like Patrol from App Store

Instagram creeping app violates Apple’s guidelines

It’s in hot water, just like Patrol, an app that scrapes Instagram data and lets users figure out how Instagram accounts interact. Instagram sent out suspension notices to app developers last week for violating app terms and conditions, and on Saturday Apple removed the service completely from the app store. A quick search of the App Store confirms that it is no longer available when writing this document. According to CNET, Apple voted Like Patrol after determining it violated app store guidelines. It’s not clear which rule is broken, but it’s safe to say that it’s related to data collection and privacy violations.

Like Patrol, it takes the idea of Instagram’s own “Following” tab (which was disabled this fall), making it more invasive. The app reports who specific users interact with gender and attractiveness statistics. The founder of the app, Sergio Luis Quintero, says the company wants to face Instagram’s interruption and wish order, but that may not be so good thanks to Apple’s repeal. In this situation, the App Store owner is a true gatekeeper.

In general, even if you import an app from the App Store, users who previously downloaded the app can still access the app. It is not clear whether existing Like Patrol users can still use the service. Even if they can, the app’s date seems to be numbered.