Apple releases’iOS 14·iPad OS 14′ public beta

Apple released a public beta version of ▲iOS 14 ▲iPadOS 14 for iPhone and iPad.

iOS 14 features a new way for users to customize their home screen, navigate and use apps through app clips, and connect with messages.

The newly introduced widget can be fixed in various sizes on any home screen, and a new ▲Smart Stack Widget function that automatically shows related apps by widget gallery time zone that users can easily add and set widgets has also been added.

The home screen page can display widgets customized for the user for work, travel, sports, entertainment and other areas of interest. An app library is provided at the end of the home screen page.

In addition, ▲ picture-in-picture video function is introduced, so you can use other apps while watching videos or using video call face time, and the translation function that translates foreign languages into Korean is also added to Siri, an AI assistant service.

Public beta versions can be obtained by registering for the Apple Beta Software Program.