Apple releases Swift 5.2

On the 25th (local time), according to the US GDNet, Apple released the version of the open source programming language ‘Swift 5.2’ and the version of the integrated development environment (IDE) ‘X Code 11.4’.

​Swift is a language used to develop apps for Apple’s iOS, MacOS, PadOS, WatchOS, and TVOS. It was first released in 2014 and released in 2015 as open source.

​The XCode 11.4 version enables ‘Universal purchase’ for MacOS apps. When distributing the same app on both MacOS and iOS, it is a function that can integrate in-app payment or purchase history. If the developer applies ‘Universal Purchase’, it can be applied to all of Mac OS, iOS, iPad OS, Watch OS, and tvOS.

​The ‘Mac Catalyst’, which enables iPad apps to be converted to Mac OS apps, will help MacOS app developers adopt universal purchases. The new Mac Catalyst app created in version 11.4 of X Code sets ‘Universal Purchase’ as the default.

Swift 5.2 has been improved to improve the quality of compiler diagnostics and display error messages more accurately. Code completion is faster, and debug reliability is improved. Swift Package Manager dependency control has been improved, and the tools of the Language Server Protocol (LSP) and SwiftSyntax have been improved.

​Swift 5.2’s code completion feature is 1.2 to 1.6 times faster than the XCode 11.3.1 version for large files.

​The new compiler diagnostic engine resolves potential error message confusion and pinpoints parts of the code that need to be fixed. It also creates incremental builds more efficiently.

​Reorganization of type information of LLDB, the basic debugger of X code, has been improved, and C and object C types can be imported from DWARF type debug information instead of compiling C language modules from source code.

​There has been an update to the implementation of ‘SourceKit-LSP’ in LSP for Swift and C languages. LSP is a ‘client-server’ protocol created by Microsoft that is used to integrate features such as autocomplete.

The Xcode 11.4 and command line tool package includes Swift 5.2 SourceKit-LSP. Swift supports LSP local refactoring.

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