Apple releases official iOS 13.6 update with’Digital Chaki’

Apple released the official update to iOS 13.6.

According to Apple, the iOS 13.6 update features digital car key support and a new symptom category in the Health app.

Introduced at the World Developers’ Conference’WWDC’ 2020 held last month, the digital car key is a feature that allows you to lock, unlock or start the car door in a compatible car with an iPhone.

With iCloud, digital keys can be safely removed from lost devices, and digital keys can be easily shared with iMessage. You can use Power Saver to unlock and start the car for up to 5 hours after your iPhone’s battery is exhausted.

In addition, a new category has been added for symptoms in health apps, including symptoms recorded in menstrual cycle tracking, and the ability to record new symptoms such as fever, chills, sore throat or cough, and share them with third-party apps.

In addition, new settings have been added that allow your device to automatically download updates when you’re on Wi-Fi, and the app may stop responding when syncing data from iCloud Drive, enabling data roaming in eSIM Fixed a number of other bugs, such as fixing an issue that seemed to be disabled even when disabled, and fixing an issue where audio might be interrupted when making a call over a Wi-Fi call.