This week, Apple released the official version of iOS 12.1.1. For this new version, although the changes are not very big, but it is still very interesting, first brought out the home version of the smart speaker HomePod, followed by the boost signal.

Now, many users have reported that their iPhone XS series has been upgraded to the latest system (the modem version has been upgraded to 1.02.18, the signal has improved), and the signal strength is much better. I don’t know if everyone has the same. It feels like this, while the new system also allows iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max to support more operators using dual SIM cards via eSIM.
Users also found that iOS 12.1.1 already supports iPhone XS and XS Max mobile dual Volte, and the sub-card enable 4G option appears in the setup menu

In addition, the new system also added the function of turning off the main/sub sim card separately. If you want to close which card, you only need to close the corresponding one.