Apple released iOS 12.3 beta: new apps are coming

Today, Apple released the beta version of iOS 12.3 again, mainly testing stability, as well as bugs that occurred before the fix.

A new app has been added to the beta version of iOS 12.3, which is Apple TV. After the new program is updated, Apple’s own original video programs will appear, along with some video programs they signed up.

According to the latest exposure details, Apple added a lot of features on iOS 13, such as “dark mode”, similar to the “dark mode” on the current macOS Mojave, turning the window interface black, so that users who work at night.

In addition, another improvement in the iOS 13 system is multi-tasking, and Apple hopes to increase the productivity of the iPad through this feature. It is reported that the multi-tasking of iOS 13 for iPad is that the application will be able to be presented in multiple windows, and the user can realize the application split screen display by dragging and dropping gestures.

The new system will also bring undo gestures, Safari optimization, font management, etc., while the current iOS default is to show the prompt pane in the centre of the screen will also be adjusted (to avoid the huge centred icon caused by blocking too many elements).