Apple WWDC Developer Conference held on June 3 this year, in addition to the long-awaited iOS 13+, macOS 10.15 and iPad linkage will also be strengthened.

According to inside sources, Apple is pushing a project called “Sidecar,” which allows users to use the iPad as an extended screen for Mac devices and perform related operations on the screen. But for now, there are a limited number of programs that can interact on the iPad. What you can know is that it is a tablet program that implements the iPad with the Apple Pencil avatar.

Regrettably, it is unclear what kind of wireless connection or wired connection this feature requires, and the specific supported iPad model.

It means that the way to trigger this function is very simple, just hover your mouse over the green maximize button on the Mac program and there will be an option to send to the extended screen, there will be a Windows 10 like split screen feature.