Apple now starts rolling out official updates of’iOS 14′

Apple released the official update for ▲iOS 14 and started distribution. IOS 14, unveiled at the World Developers Conference (WWDC 2020) in June, features a new way for users to customize their home screen, navigate and use apps through app clips, and connect with messages. In addition, with the introduction of a picture-in-picture video function, you can watch videos or use other apps while using facetime for video calls, and Siri, an artificial intelligence (AI) voice assistant service, introduced a dictation function, allowing you to write and send text messages in words.

Devices that support iOS 14 are ▲ 1st generation iPhone SE ▲ 2nd generation iPhone SE ▲ iPhone 6S series ▲ iPhone 7 series ▲ iPhone 8 series ▲ iPhone X ▲ iPhone XR ▲ iPhone XS series ▲ iPhone 11 series ▲ 7th generation iPod touch, etc. to be. On the other hand, unlike previous years, as the latest version of iOS is released without the announcement of a new iPhone, the possibility of pre-loading a version after iOS 14 on the next iPhone 12 series to be released next month has increased.