Apple movies that you shouldn’t miss out during quarantine.

The Apple story can be educational and inspirational. Most of the filmmakers were captivated by Steve Jobs , who will “spin” every single film from the list below. If you want to broaden your horizons a bit, you should look at them. You will have enough free time…

Jobs (2013)

Can’t you imagine how Ashton Kutcher can represent Steve Jobs? Watch this movie and you will understand. The image itself focuses primarily on Apple’s “early stages”.

It also documents what happened before 1974, when the company was officially founded . The film follows almost 20 years’ journey of one of the greatest technology visionaries in history and ends in 2001 ( when the first iPod was introduced ). And even though you may be more interested in the present, believe that this past will certainly appeal to you.

The film was directed by Joshua Michael Stern, and unfortunately, the film also received quite strong criticism from Rotten Tomatoes , which gave it only 28%. But if you are a fan of Apple, you will enjoy this work from beginning to end and you will not feel the announced low quality. The film is currently available on Netflix in Slovakia . You can even watch it on YouTube in English.

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

If you prefer a documentary, try Steve Jobs: One Last Thing from 2011. It’s one of the very first films to watch Steve Jobs and his closest companions. The work was officially broadcast only a month after his death.

The film is supposed to be a kind of “ode” to Steve , with a lot of quotes and comments from all the people he has met in his life. Here we find statements from Apple colleagues, family or even competitors. You can also watch this movie for free on YouTube . Again, however, you will need a minimum knowledge of English.

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine (2015)

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine is the second documentary about Apple’s founder from our list. Many people don’t even know about it because it was overshadowed by a much more famous film, Steve Jobs (2015), which we’ll talk about below. Nevertheless, it is of high quality and will certainly appeal to the fan.

This film tried to capture the person of Steve Jobs in a much more critical light. He watched his obsession with products and also the dubious behavior of the leader . At the end of the film, the author tried to use the idea of ​​how Steve managed to incorporate a person’s personal side into his personal computer.

Steve Jobs (2015)

You will surely tell us that one of the best quality films that depicted Steve Jobs’ journey was the one with the same name, from 2015 . The lead actor, Michael Fassbender, starred here. The film follows the behind-the-scenes part of the life of a great visionary, how it influenced the creation of individual products, leaving and returning to Apple, and much more. The authors followed the official biography by Walter Isaacson.

Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle directed the film and was written by Aaron Sorkin . He played here and Seth Rogen (Steve Wozniak), Kate Winslet (Joanna Hoffman) and Jedd Daniels (John Sculley). According to Rotten Tomatoes was excellent and awarded him  86% rating !