Apple is preparing to update the old device back to iPhone 4s to fix GPS problems.

Apple is preparing to update the iPhoneand iPad back to 2012, to fix GPS problems that need to update the operating system to support the new date only.

GPS technology will store 10-bit date and time data, meaning every 1,024 weeks will reset. Which our modern devices that have been updated are all updated with patches to fix this problem, but old versions ofiPhone that have not been updated for a long time, such as iOS 10 or older, what to do?

Apple decided to fix the problem by updating it again. And recommended to install before 3 November because this problem occurred since 6 April. Some people are unable to use GPS and some are still available. To be able to see what will come first While updating with GPS lost

For devices that have been updated And the version is as follows

iOS 10.3.4 – iPhone 5 , iPad 4th Gen

iOS 9.3.6 – iPhone 4s , iPad Mini 1st Gen, iPad 2, iPad 3

For iPod Touch and iPad, WiFi is not affected by GPS problems.

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