Apple is expected to be equipped with an improved FaceID system and 3D sensing time-of-flight cameras for the iPhone 12 series, which will be released this fall. Time) reported.

According to the report, the TrueDepth camera that will be installed in the next iPhone is expected to have improved function by adopting components supplied by Lumentum in Taiwan. In addition, 3D ToF sensors are expected to be mounted on the back of the next iPhone.

ToF is a technology that calculates the distance by measuring the return time of the light source sent back to the subject. The process of recognizing objects in 3D is simple and does not receive external light interference, so the recognition rate is excellent even in the outdoors, which is advantageous for implementing AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). It is rumored that the ToF sensor will be featured in Apple’s next iPad Pro.

The iPhone 13, which will be released in 2021, is expected to change even more. Barclays analysts argued that the Lightning connector could be removed from at least one of the iPhone lineups launched in 2021.

A leading Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Guo, also announced last month that the iPhone 13 could be fully wireless without a Lightning port.