Apple pushed iOS 12.3 Public beta 2, tvOS 12.3 Public beta 2 and macOS 10.14.5 Public beta 2 system updates to beta users this morning.

It is reported that iOS 12.3 and tv 12.3 beta currently add a newly designed TV application to prepare for the upcoming Apple TV+ TV program service. iOS 12.3 beta 2 also fine-tuned the interface of the wallet application and fixed the palm recognition error for the iPad.

Update method

1. iTunes upgrade: Download the firmware, open the latest version of iTunes on the desktop, press “Shift+Update” at the same time, select the firmware to be brushed in, and the following action will be handed over to Apple.

2, description file OTA update: Developer preview user directly use Safari browser to open the corresponding, install and restart, directly check and download the installation update under the system update; ordinary users can register, install the public beta version of the description file.