Apple: iOS 12.1.3 and earlier will permanently disable Facetime Group Chat

Apple has apologized for the recent exposure of FaceTime eavesdropping vulnerabilities, and said they have fixed the group Facetime security vulnerability on the server side, will push the repair patch next week.

Apple has confirmed that the FaceTime group chat feature will be permanently disabled on iOS 12.1 to iOS 12.1.3. To use this feature, users need to update their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to iOS 12.1.4 software that may be pushed next week Update.

The FaceTime group chat feature was launched with iOS 12.1 to enable video calls between two devices with FaceTime. Recently, FaceTime has revealed a vulnerability that allows iPhone users to make calls using Apple’s FaceTime video calling feature, and can hear audio from the recipient’s phone even if the call fails. The vulnerability appears to be dependent on Apple’s group video call feature, which was launched in October. Apple has previously removed the FaceTime group chat feature to prevent the vulnerability from having a greater impact.