Just last week was officially released a new version of the operating system, iOS 13.4 . Users immediately installed it, and many found that their battery life has significantly worsened . Apple will of course want to fix it. It will also use iOS 13.4.5, which has been made available to beta developers today.

Apple has released iOS 13.4.5 for developers. It was faster than we expected.

Today we announced that Apple is preparing iOS 13.4.1 in the first beta. It was not yet clear when it was released. However, in the early hours we were surprised by the update , which is currently only available to developers. Its designation is a bit unusual, iOS 13.4.5 . On the other hand, it offers bug fixes and enhancements that are welcomed by every user.

This beta should make the entire operating system more stable and reliable . Apple wants devices to increase performance and battery life , which is currently criticized by many in iOS 13.4.

In addition to this news, users of other platforms can also enjoy. Of course, there was an enhancement alongside iOS with the same designation for iPadOS. macOS Catalina can be tested in version 10.15.5 and tvOS in version 13.4.5. For Apple Watch, the company has released no beta