Apple has expanded the size of the app that allows it to be downloaded from mobile networks to 200 MB.

From September 2017 onwards, Appleallows users to download apps via 3G / 4G if the app is not more than 150 MB.

The reason for limiting the file size is to prevent accidentally updating apps that are large until the monthly mobile internet runs out. But after two years, the iOS app is getting bigger. Until recently, Apple decided to add to download via 4G, the largest size at 200 MB.

The problem of the app store in the past several years is that the app is getting bigger. Although it is just a general app like Facebook itself, it is as large as 260 MB. If the game is bigger to the Gigabyte core then this maximum size adjustment of 200 MB may not help much because the apps that The size is less than 200 MB. At present, there is not much like in the past.