Apple is releasing iOS and iPadOS 13.2.3 to fix various bugs released with iOS 13 today. The latest update includes a fix to the Spotlight system search feature that has recently failed for some users. Search should now work consistently at the system level and at the Mail, Files, and Notes apps.

If you use an app that downloads content in the background and you find a weird issue in iOS versions earlier than 13.2.2, Apple now fixes it in a new update. Mail is also updated to resolve issues with fetching new messages or quoting messages from your Exchange account. The only other fix listed in Apple’s release notes for iOS 13.2.3 is related to the issue of photos, links, and other attachments not displaying properly in the iMessage Details view.

Apple continues to patch the buggy iOS 13 release and hopes to get closer to a more stable OS. Apple is also conducting iOS 13.3 beta testing, which is expected to include some additions, such as better support for FIDO2-compatible security keys using USB, Lightning, or NFC. Today’s iOS 13.2.3 update also includes security updates for iOS and iPadOS and can be downloaded immediately from the Settings menu.