Apple CPUs with AMD CPUs, Ryzen CPUs found in Max OS Beta

Apple’s Mac has caught a situation where it might have an AMD CPU.

Since the mid-2000s, PCs for workstations such as Apple’s MacBook, iMac desktop, and Mac Pro only had Intel’s CPU, while AMD’s only GPU.

However, in the MacOS 10.15.4 Beta 1 version, AMD processor was confirmed, and the identified CPU processors were updated with several CPUs such as Picasso, Renoir and Van Gogh APU.

As AMD CPUs are optimized with Ryzen 2, IPC performance and power efficiency are improved, and Apple is also considering whether AMD is equipped with AMD CPUs.

More confirmation is needed to confirm whether or not the actual product will be released, but it seems that the product code is confirmed in Mac OS and the AMD CPU is being considered.