Apple ARKit 3 is only supported on iPhone / iPad using Apple A12. Only older than that is out of use.

Apple has released ARKit 3 for developing Augmented Reality with iOS 13, but it does not indicate the minimum specification required to run ARKit 3.

In the latest interview, it has been revealed that ARKit 3 consumes the specification. Because it can be run on the iPhone and iPad using Apple A12 Bionic chip only. There are only a few models, including

  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPad Pro (12.9)
  • iPad Pro (11)
  • iPad Air 3

ARKit can be used to go back as far as iPhone 6S, but if using Apple ARKit 3 in iOS 13, there will be only as mentioned above. Apple argues that the device needs to use Face tracking, requiring multiple sensors. Type whether it is ANE or TrueDepth Camera

It is the first time that Apple has released software that runs on new devices only. In the past, Apple has always been open for use that does not consume many specs. Can be exchanged for all mobile phones And go back at least 3 years