Recently, the geek bench running score of an AppleA13 processor was exposed. The single-core running score increased significantly, reaching 5,415 points, while the multi-core score compared with the A12 processor, the change is not large, only 11,294 points. Last year, the iPhone XS Max equipped with the A12 processor scored 4,799 points for a single core and 11,219 points for a multicore. Of course, a running score does not indicate any problem.

A13 processor running sub-exposure (picture source Geekbench)

A12 processor running scores (image source Geekbench)

However, from a specific comparison, the A13 processor still has no rivals in terms of a single core, and only its own A12 processor can compete. In contrast, the single-core performance of the A13 is basically in the same situation. In terms of multi-core performance, the two have their own high and low levels.

A13 processor and A12 processing multi-core score comparison (image source Geekbench)

A13 processor and A12 processor single core score comparison (Image source Geekbench)

According to previous news, Apple’s A13 processor will still choose TSMC’s OEM production, and it will still choose the 7nm process. In terms of architecture, the high probability will be upgraded from the combination of the previous 2 high-performance cores and 4 high-performance cores to the combination of 3 performance cores and 4 energy-efficient cores. The overall performance upgrade will be more obvious. However, the AI performance will not change much, and the high probability will lag behind the Kirin flagship processor and Qualcomm snapdragon flagship mobile platform.

This time, it was only the results of the running scores. The performance of the specific A13 is still to be announced at the new product launch conference in September.