On January 2nd, antutu released the Android mobile phone performance list in December 2018. The situation of the Kirin 980 monopoly performance list was finally broken this month. The Red Devils Mars esports mobile phone from Nubia reached the top.

From the specific results, the Red Devils Mars esports mobile phone won the first with an average score of 320464 points, Huawei Mate 20 (309130 points), glory V20 (305525 points), Huawei Mate 20 X (304096 points), Huawei Mate 20 Pro (302,872 points), glory Magic 2 (300,978 points) followed by a group of Kirin 980 flagship.

7-10 are in turn the mi black shark game mobile phone Helo (300211 points), one plus mobile phone 6T (296278 points), mi black shark game mobile phone (294193 points) and Nubian X (294032 points) .

The Red Devils Mars E-sports phone uses a 6-inch 2160×1080 resolution full screen, equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor, built-in 6/8/10GB memory and 64/128/256GB body storage space, providing 8 megapixel front. Camera and rear 16 million pixel camera, battery capacity 3800mAh. At the same time, the machine adopts air cooling, copper tube liquid cooling, three-layer graphite bonding combined heat dissipation scheme to form an ICE multi-dimensional heat dissipation system, the heat dissipation area reaches 22000 square millimeters, claiming to reduce the CPU core temperature by 13.2 ° C, CPU The heat dissipation efficiency is increased by 25 times.

Antutu said that the powerful configuration and top-level thermal design allow the Snapdragon 845 to perform better, which makes the Red Devils Mars the most powerful Android phone.

At the same time, Antutu found a large number of unsuccessful performance models of the Kirin 980 running scores in the background, which lowered the average score of the above five Kirin 980 models to a certain extent . Therefore, the running scores of the above five models after opening the performance mode are actually slightly higher than those of the ranking version.

It should be noted that because Huawei EMUI9 does not open the performance mode by default when running, the rabbit recommends that the user manually run the performance mode after opening the performance mode in the battery option, so as to completely liberate the potential of the Kirin 980.