Google recently announced that it is terminating released to support Play Services API for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) in the future, which means that Android update legacy applications may be less, use these versions of mobile phone users may be unable to update the . Android 4.0 was released in 2011, referred to as ice cream sandwiches, which have been around for seven years.

Android4.0 software update stops 6 million mobile phones affected
Android 4.0 software update stops 6 million mobile phones affected

At the same time, Google has the developer’s target API level 16 (Android 4.1) as the lowest level of support. While in theory, developers can continue to maintain and update their application versions specifically for Ice Cream Sandwich users who support API Level 14 or 15, but many people are unlikely to do so.

Google’s termination of support for the old version is not surprising. Data from the Google Developer Bulletin Board on October 26 shows that only 0.03% of Android users still use the Android 4.0 system. For the current 2 billion Android users, 0.03 % means that 6 million mobile phones or tablets will be affected, but most devices may not be activated.