Android Q will support Multi-Resume for foldable display smartphones

  • Highlights:

  1. Android Q will support multi-Resume feature.

  2. Multi-Resume will replace multi-window feature

  3. Multi-Resume will be available in upcoming foldable display smartphones.

For multitasking SPLIT SCREEN is available for a long time in android operating systems you can open two apps simultaneously,this feature allows users to do various tasks such us messaging, chatting, web browsing, youtube etc. Split screen allows user to open two apps but they cannot be run at the same time it only one application will be active at a time while other will be paused.

Now Google upcoming latest operating system will allow it’s users to not only open multi application but they can be run at the same time thus this feature keeps both application active google will introduce a MULTI-RESUME feature in its upcoming android Q operating system.The feature will be used in upcoming foldable display smartphones .