Android Q is almost called the Queen Cake before becoming Android 10.

Google changed the way to call the Android version with a candy name this year. It will stop calling candy names and turn to call the version number instead. Android Q, which is scheduled to be released this year, has been renamed to Android 10.

However, in the podcast clip of All About Android this week, Vice President of Engineering Dave Burke and software engineer Dan Sandler tell us about the change. And revealed that originally Android Qalmost got the name Queen Cake as the official name And with the internal code name Quince Tart

The Queen Cake has been leaked before, but Quince Tart is something new that has never been heard before.But both of them are not known. Even in the United States Unfortunately after this, we probably won’t hear Candy’s name as the official version of Android anymore, because it uses numbers. But the internal development code will still be named Candy (The official name and dessert is not necessarily the same as KitKat. The internal development name is Key Lime Pie.)At least, switching to numbers is a good thing, because Google doesn’t have to worry whether users who aren’t in the Western world will know the candy or not. And will understand whether or not that version is.