Still photography technology And video on mobile phones through a long development From the beginning, we were able to record only VGA video to the present day at 4K resolution, but Android phones today have one limitation: can record only up to 4GB video.

If anyone has recorded a long video on Android, it will be found that when the file exceeds 4GB, the system will create a new file to continue from the original video. The reason is that the mpeg4writer encoder used is still running on 32-bit only. The reason is that when Google decided to use mpeg4writer, we were still in the 32-bit era and the phone still didn’t shoot full HD resolution. Repeatedly, no one would think that we would be shooting a video larger than 4GB within a few years

XDA Developers found a set of code sent to the AOSP ( Android Opensource Project ) that changed the encoder of mpeg4writer from 32-bit to 64-bit. The test results were satisfactory because Google was able to capture video continuously to the size of The file is 32GB and again, the video recording system is full. Therefore, in the future, we can shoot videos on Android phones without having to worry about the files coming out in multiple ways. Files in the past

In the future, after 5G is popular The video resolution may start to move up to 8K more, and that means the capacity required and the video file size may rise so high that 4GB is just a little ridiculous.