Android camera new vulnerability found? Check for the latest updates

Security vulnerabilities have been reported in several Android-based smartphone camera apps, including Google Pixel Phone and Samsung.

Camera security vulnerabilities occur when an app is installed by an attacker rather than a general environment, and when the camera’s security vulnerability is breached through the app, it is confirmed that the camera can take a picture and record a video with the smartphone.

In addition, Checkmarx, a senior security researcher who discovered the vulnerability, said the attack could be shot or video recorded while the victim’s smartphone is locked, screen is off, or during a voice call.

The security issue has now been delivered to Google, and some updates were distributed through the Google Camera App’s Play Store in July 2019, and the update is being carried out by sharing the vulnerabilities with smartphone partners with most Android OS. It is said.

However, many users who did not do some recent Android updates, camera app software updates, etc. recommended that they check for the latest update of the smartphone app.