Android 11″ product version is now available. Starts distribution to devices from multiple manufacturers including Pixel.

The latest version of Android OS is now the “product version”. In addition to Google’s Pixel smartphones (Pixel 2 and later), OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and some realme smartphones will be delivered sequentially from September 8 (US Pacific Daylight Time). Other manufacturers will upgrade some models within a few months.

On September 8th (US Pacific Daylight Time), Google released the commercial version of the latest version of Android OS “Android 11”. In addition to the company’s “Pixel 2” and later Pixel smartphones, it will be distributed sequentially from the same day to some models of OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, and realme. It will support some models of other manufacturers within a few months.

Major new features

 The major new features and improvements in Android 11 are as follows. The direction is to improve the usability of the previous version “ Android 10

  • Conversations Card : Shows notifications from your messaging app together
  • Bubbles : Always display shortcuts to conversations with specific people (similar to “chat head” in Facebook Messenger app for Android)
  • Standard support for screen recording (although implemented as an API, it required a control application in the past)
  • Expansion of power menu : NFC pay / pass selection panel of “Google Pay” and control panel of smart device can be displayed
  • Redesigned Media Control : Easy to change audio output device
  • Improved Android Auto : Wireless connection available on some vehicles or in-car devices
  • Expansion of permission permission : “Allow only once” has been added to automatically revoke (reset) permission for apps that have not been used for a long time.

Screen recording”, which existed as an OS API but required a separate app. Android 11 has a user interface (UI) on the OS side, so no additional apps are required.

On the Conversations card, notifications of receipt of the messaging application are displayed together. You can also set priority and reminders

In the power menu, you can put a panel related to NFC pay/pass (boarding pass, coupon, etc.) of Google Pay and control of Google Home compatible devices